Dominion will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday for the $1.3 billion Greensville Power station in Southern Virginia.

Richmond-based Dominion began construction on the 1,588-megawatt, natural-gas, combined-cycle plant in June. The project is about 10 percent complete.

When the station becomes operational by next year, it will provide enough power for 400,000 typical homes at peak demand.

“When it is completed in late 2018, it will be the largest gas combined-cycle electric generating facility in North America,” Paul Koonce, CEO of Dominion’s Generation Group, said in a statement. “But what makes me even prouder is that, because of its strict carbon limits, the Greensville County Power Station will be the cleanest-burning gas-fired plant in the country. And that’s good news for our neighbors and the commonwealth of Virginia.”

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