McCallum Sweeney Certification

MAMaC is the only megasite in Virginia, North Carolina, or Maryland certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting. This certification ensures the site is ready for immediate development with as little risk as possible.

Who is McCallum Sweeney Consulting?

McCallum Sweeney Consulting is the east coast's premier site selection expert, providing services to leading companies worldwide. They have designed and managed many of the nation's most significant site certification efforts, including their megasite certification.

What distinguishes a megasite certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting?

A megasite certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting is not just a large parcel of land; it is a shovel-ready industrial location that meets a rigorous set of criteria designed with the needs of industry in mind: A megasite certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting must be:

  • Available: The site is for sale with established terms and conditions.
  • Fully Served by Utilities: If all infrastructure is not in place, plans including the cost and schedule for implementation are in place.
  • Developable: Due diligence and engineering is completed to ensure that all acreage can be developed with no risk to the project schedule. Required reports include a wetlands delineation, a Phase I ESA, a threatened and endangered species study, an archeological and historical survey, and a geotechnical analysis.

Why choose a megasite certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting?

Site certification is a rapidly growing trend which has been driven by speed-to-market pressures on companies. A megasite certified by McCallum Sweeney Consulting ensures the lowest possible level of risk thanks to a predictable project schedule and pre-calculated development costs. Businesses can become operational more quickly, giving them an edge over the competition.

To learn more about McCallum Sweeney Consulting certification, visit McCallum Sweeney's website.

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