MAMaC is a 1,600-acre greenfield site that is ready for development. A series of environmental reports have been completed. All reports indicate that construction could begin within a matter of months.

  • ESA: A Phase I environmental study has been completed and no known environmental hazards were uncovered.
  • Preliminary Wetland Assessment and Jurisdictional Determination: A wetlands delineation has been completed and confirmed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Minimal wetland areas were discovered on the site and large building pads have been established in order to provide appropriate buffering for these areas (see detailed site map for more details).
  • Mitigation of Impacts: All permits should be easily obtained and it is not anticipated that an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required. A no effect determination could be granted within three to four months, allowing work on the site to begin almost immediately.
  • Threatened and Endangered Species: Research and discussions indicate that there are likely no threatened or endangered species present on the MAMaC site due to a lack of suitable habitat for two identified species.
  • Cultural Resources: A preliminary cultural resources evaluation found no on-site or near off-site cultural resources.
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